How To Test The Strength Of Hardened Concrete With Testing Instruments?

There are several ways to test the strength of hardened concrete. In this article, we will explain the two methods that include testing cylinders and beams. Some of the testing methods are non destructive and some are bit destructive, leaving holes that are relatively smaller in size and easily patched. Technicians performing these tests are qualified to use concrete testing instruments and have the apt certifications from standard ASTM test methods.

Concrete Testing Instruments
Test cylinders

The easiest and mostly used testing method is testing cylinders and making it of fresh, consolidated concrete and testing the hardened specimen at the specified age.

You will be required cylindrical molds for casting strength specimens and these molds should have a height-to-diameter ration of 2:1. Cylinders made with ASTM C31 can be tested for compressive strength and tested for modules of elasticity. You can place the cylinders horizontally and test them for splitting tensile strength.

It is always better not to use impervious (plastic) molds for forming masonry grout specimens.


Beam specimen of concrete should be cast as per ASTM C31, and the hardened in the horizontal position are used for performing flexural strength testing.

A usual size of beam mold is 6×6 inches and 20-21 inches long. Beams are widely used for pavements and slabs. Flexural strength is often tested by technicians using 3rd point loading and is specified by the FAA for airport pavements.

Manufacturers and suppliers delivering a comprehensive range of concrete testing instruments across the world has distinct tools and equipments that technicians can use to test concrete and cement and determine their hardness, strength, and durability. You can find such manufacturers or suppliers in your native country. Just in case you want affordable and quality products, you can contact EIE experts. Mail your requirements to them and get a free quote today!

This article was published by professionals to make you learn about the methods to test hardened cement or concrete testing instruments. For feedback, please make comments in below section. Let us know if we have not mention anything important about the topic.

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NDT or nondestructive testing is a way of testing without ruining the casting. This implies that the component or casting can be used and this testing method has put no damage or harm on it.

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