How TDS Checker Instrument Helps In Soil Testing?

TDS checking device is one of the useful soil testing instruments that checks total dissolved solids in water. Dissolved solids are any minerals, metals, salts, anions or cations dissolved in water. It includes anything dissolved in water other than the H20 molecule and suspended solids. This device is based on the electrical conductivity (EC) of water. Pure H20 has zero conductivity. TDS checking device is evaluated by converting the EC by a factor of 0.5 to 1.0 times the EC, relying on the levels.

How TDS checker instrument helps in soil testing?

Where do these dissolved solids come from?

  • Organic sources like leaves, plankton, silt, and industrial sewage and waste are the reasons behind dissolved solids. Some of the dissolved solids come from fertilizers, road salts, and pesticides used on farms and lawns.
  • Inorganic materials like rocks and air can be also a source of dissolved solids as they may contain nitrogen, calcium bicarbonate, iron phosphorous, sulfur, and more other things. These things form salts that further make water ionic. Ions are the particles that have a negative or positive charge.

How it is helpful?

There are many reasons that explain why TDS checking is often helpful. A few of the reasons are as under-

Taste and health- High TDS amount leads to undesirable taste that could be bitter, salty, or metallic. We all are affected by toxic chemicals and minerals found in the air and our food on regular basis. Drinking pure water is the only way to expel these toxins from the body. So, TDS checking meter will help you in determining the TDS level in water. You can treat your water and have purer water for drinking.

Filter performance- If you are using water purifier, you need to check the water it produces often to ensure its performance. Lower TDS shows that the water has minimum microorganisms and other harmful non-solids like fluorine and chlorine.

Hardness- Hardness in drinking water is usually caused by magnesium and calcium. These are two nontoxic natural minerals in water. Hard water doesn’t lather soap, leave spots on dishware, and may also cause scaling on drain, pipe, and valve.

Manufacturers and suppliers of soil testing equipment are also offering TDS checking devices to their clients. You can call or mail them any time and avail the premium instruments at relatively cheap prices.

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