Guidelines To Operate Concrete Compression Testing Machine

In this post, you will learn the operation of any basic concrete compression machine and its use for testing sorts of concrete used by construction world. Depending on the way of usage, the concrete compression testing machine is generally used for measuring the strength of concrete, compression capacity, concrete splitting tension and concrete load capacity.

Manufacturers have designed this machine for engineers who would like to test sorts of concrete samples. The machine can also test other materials like cores, beams, blocks, and cubes.

Compression testing machine

This post will cover the ways to use any kind of concrete compression testing machine regardless of the model type.

Steps for using these machines –

  1. Before turning on the machine, you must have all the required materials at your side to make operating this machine and making calculations as simple as possible.
  2. Wear your safety suit, eye glasses, and gloves before you start the process.
  3. Draw a table on a paper to record the readings of the machine display when the concrete sample fails or cracks. Calculate the area and diameter of each concrete specimen and record.
  4. Once you complete the table, switch on the machine.The main power switch is there behind the digital monitor screen. Never touch the motor when it is on.
  5. Place the concrete cylinder in the loading area center. It is required to place the cylinder on top of the neoprene cap. You must be careful while doing so and do not move the piston manually using your hands.
  6. Close and latch the cage door. Do it carefully to avoid burn.
  7. Push the lever away from you to lower the piston. It is critical to put the lever in Advance position. Do not touch the motor.
  8. Do check the piston touches the cylinder top prior you start. Do not put hands near piston while it is coming down.
  9. Once you place the piston on top of the cylinder, pull the lever down towards you into the Hold position.
  10. You can start compression test by pushing the zero button on the display.
  11. Raise the pressure amount on piston by turning the valve next to the piston-lever in counter-clockwise direction.
  12. Look at the screen as the weight and pressure goes up.
  13. Keep adjusting the pressure amount on the piston to ensure it matches the compressive strength value.

Your test is complete when you see the cylinder begins to crack and splinter.

For more details on Compression testing machine, connect to the manufacturers today.

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