Why Construction Sector Requires Soil Testing Equipments?

Builders and construction sector requires soil testing equipments to test the soil for deep foundations. Now you may wonder what it is. Deep foundations are those where the foundation depth is usually greater than twice of footing width (D= 2B). There is a need of deep foundations because of several reasons. In this article, we will learn about all those reasons and types of deep foundations.

When the depth and composition of the bearing layer for shallow foundations are not similar at one site to another, most pile foundations encounter same deposits. As capacity of pile based on parameters of the soil is unreliable from load tests, it is crucial to avail complete information on the size, type, length, and capacity of piles.

Corresponding load tests and correlation of soil features need to be consider as it will help in deciding the soil type test that has to be performed. This also helps in making reasonable recommendation for size, type, capacity and length of piles.

Why construction sector requires soil testing equipments?

Another reason could be- if information about piles in the locality is unavailable or unreliable. It it happens, it will be necessary to drive a test pile and compare with soil data.

Various test methods done by soil testing instruments-

  • CPT – Cone penetration test – it is used to determine the cohesion for soft cohesive soils and to ensure with SPT result for fine to coarse sands.
  • SPT- Standard penetration test to find the cohesion to determine the friction angle for each soil stratum.
  • Vane shear test- it is meant for impervious clayey soil
  • Self boring pressure meter test- it is used to determine modulus of sub grade reaction for horizontal deflection for stiffer cohesive soils, granular soil, weathered rock and soft rock.

All these tests are significant for construction sector and are done with the help of specialized soil testing equipment. To avail quality equipments for soil testing, you can ask experts of EIE instruments as they are dealing in premium range of soil testing instruments throughout the world. Find their range of products online and mail your requirements to their customer desk.

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NDT methods are performed with non destructive testing equipment to know the quality and condition of concrete, without damaging or tempering the concrete.