How Many General Work Elements Needed For Material Testing?

Manufacturers in India are producing material testing equipments required for general work elements that are common to all three sub categories of asphalt, soils, and concrete. Let’s discuss them-

Material testing equipment

  • Complex plans and specifications

Experts use complex plans and specifications to meet all requirements for testing and sampling. They rely on specs and intricate plans to create activities or jobs for testing and sampling.

  • Field testing

Field testing is performed to evaluate sampling methods and techniques used to protect and preserve samples to determine the validity. Experts on job can request additional or advanced methods if appropriate and make corrections if required. They discard samples or reports if any of the team members uses improper methods for testing and sampling.

  • Accuracy of scales

If a designated authority controls the scale, it inspects certificates and seals to ensure well-maintained weight accuracy. If there is no designated authority available, the team should check scales with certified weights, require any important adjustments and seal adjusting mechanisms.

  • Safety requirements

Experts should understand the requirement to comply with standards issued by organizations internationally.

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  • Governmental test procedures and standards

Manufacturers of material testing equipment should know the agencies that establish and publish sampling and testing procedures for materials. It is important to know how to obtain pertinent manuals and other publications.

  • Aerial photography

They should use single aerial photos to determine accessibility of sampling sites and approx distances. They should outline approx project boundaries and alignments on air photos to layout the projected work.

  • Sampling sites

Manufacturers use maps and charts for locating and determining sampling sites accessibility for proposed project.

  • Basic statistics

It is important to apply basic statistical concepts that are relevant to frequency distributions, probability, such as histograms, and dispersion measures.

  • First aid procedures

Team should understand the basic procedures and rules of first aid. The guidelines should be provided by the manufacturing company.

  • Inorganic chemistry

Teams should read and interpret the periodic table of the elements. They should write and recognize formulas for simple compounds and should be able to balance chemical equations. They should evaluate the quantities of materials required for a chemical reaction and create solutions by molarity, weight, or volume.

They should be capable of recognizing bases, acids, and salts and should also know how to use pH scale.

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