How Soil Labs Works In India

Soil labs are the special laboratories that are specially designed and constructed for the purpose of soil testing. Soil testing refers to the analysis of the soil to check the number of nutrients and minerals are present in the soil and to check the ph level of the soil. This special laboratory has all essential equipment and chemicals which are required for soil testing. Most commonly these labs are set up by the government.

How Soil labs works in India

Purpose of soil lab

Helps the Civil Engineer: The Civil Engineer uses the soil laboratory for the purpose of soil testing. In these labs, the civil engineer checks the capacity and ability of the soil, whether it can be used for construction purpose or not. In these soil labs, the strength, capacity, density, compaction, contamination, organics and sand content etc. and then generate the report and analysis whether the soil can be used for construction purpose or not.

Helps the farmers: These soil labs have also proved to be very useful for the farmers. With the help of soil labs, the farmers get their soil tested from these laboratories which help them to analysis, which crop is best suitable for the production and what more can be done to take their soil fertile.

The basic advantage of local soil lab is that is that they are aware and much more familiar with the chemistry and the composition of the soil of nearby places. These laboratories mainly check the following nutrients ;

Major nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium.

Secondary nutrients: Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium.

Minor nutrients : Iron, Chlorine, Zinc, Copper.

Top 6 soil labs in India and their functions

  1. M.K Soil Testing Laboratory: M.K Soil laboratory was established in 1982 A.D which mainly provides its services in the field of geotechnical engineering and civil engineering.
  2. SGS India: It helps to stop the exposure to poisonous elements.
  3. Indian Agriculture Research Institute: these laboratories basically check the fertility of the soil for the purpose of the plantation of the crop.
  4. Tirupati Fresh Agro Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.: the Tirupati soil testing company offers its services through ultramodern equipment in the laboratory.
  5. Experior Laboratories: Experior offers its clients the cost-effective and highly qualified services.
  6. Fare labs: The Fare Labs offers research and development facility along with the analytical testing that makes it class apart from the rest.

The soil labs, hence prove to be very useful whether from the point of view of soil lab testing soil for road construction or from the point of view of farming.

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