How Concrete Testing Equipment Helps In Measuring Workability Of The Concrete?

There are several testing methods to check distinct parameters of the concrete. To measure workability of the concrete, there is a test method called concrete slump test performed by specialized concrete testing equipment. It is empirical test to measure workability of the fresh concrete. The testing method is used to measure the consistency of concrete in that particular batch. It is performed by talented workforce to check consistency of the freshly prepared concrete, which is further used for building structures.

How Concrete Testing Equipment Helps In Measuring Workability Of The Concrete?
What is consistency? It is an ease or simplicity or wetness of the concrete. The test is known and practiced by people due to its easy handling of apparatus and simple procedure. However, this convenience of the test method often lets a wide variability in the manner in which the test is performed. The slump test method is used by professionals to ensure uniformity for every batch of concrete under field conditions and to check and analyze the impact of plasticizers on their introduction.

Apparatus required for testing

There is a requirement of metal mould of cone frustum shape having both ends open. This mould is easy to grip, top internal diameter 4”, and bottom 8” with 1ft height.  2 ft long bullet nosed metal rod is also required with 16mm diameter.

Interpretation of results

The slumped concrete mixture takes several shapes and according to the slumped concrete profile, the slump is known as true slump, collapse slump, or shear slump. When you achieve a shear or collapse slump, you can take a fresh sample and perform the test again. A collapse slump reveals the too much wetness of the mix.

Collapse slump usually has high workability and in such case, slump test becomes a waste of time. Contractors use very dry mixes with slump 0-25mm to make roads.

Is there any limitation of a slump test?

The slump test is suitable for medium to high workability slump. It is limited to concrete made of aggregates having less than 38mm.

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